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About AirMilesMart.com

Welcome to the new AirMilesMart.com! First off, to avoid any confusion, I picked up this name at an expired domain auction, so it now has no connection to what lived here on this domain name years ago, which others may remember as a totally different kind of shopping portal. The new incarnation of this site I've designed to essentially be an amagamator of shopping portal links specifically related to travel. There are a few other websites out there that do something pretty similar, but as a avid collector of frequent flyer miles and points in various programs, I was finding it difficult to get accurate and up to date info on a larger assortment of travel programs. The other sites I was using didn't include all the travel programs in which I was interested, didn't allow for more comprehensive mining of the data, and weren't very up to date with the latest offerings. This site should offer more of what I, as a miles/points guy, would be looking for. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll be able to add additional functionality to the site, and additional programs as they pop up.

For the most part, the system updates several times a day automatically, meaning you should expect fairly up to date results from your search.

I hope you enjoy the info here - if you want to see something changed, added, or modified, let me know. I always appreciate feedback.

Happy Mileing!


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